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About Module

Accounts is a major and critical module in an ERP System. That must be upto mark and according to standards. We offer different accounting standards, according to your choice one of them will be implemented in your ERP System. The Accounts module handles all your cash control, Ins and Outs, Profit and Loss, Taxation, Installments, Vouchers and most important your Contract. This is not everything there are many other things you must like and indeed it's the need of all businesses which involve Accounts into their system. So what will be different in our Accounts Module? Let's discover it together.

Dashboard of an Accounts Module is a bird eye view of your whole system’s financial state. Our dashboard has numbers that you need to see when you come to the Accounts Module. Like
  • Payable Amount
  • Receivable Amount
  • Bank Balance
  • Cash Balance
  • Recovery Amount
  • Installments of this month
  • 5 heads of your Accounts carry how much value in it
  • Ratio of your P/A, R/A, Cash and Bank Balance
  • Cash Paid or received this month
  • Tax payables and receivables with the information of how much of them you paid
real estate management accounts

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